Donor Spotlight: Natalie Sherman

DONOR SPOTLIGHT: NATALIE SHERMAN PARTNER, GALLAGHER, EVELIUS & JONES, LLP  |  DONOR SINCE 2010 “When you invest in Outward Bound, you’re going to see the return. The money that is spent on programs has a concrete, tangible, quantifiable impact.” The student expeditions at Outward Bound inspire my giving. They connect kids with the outdoors in… READ MORE >

Student Spotlight: Jordan Rose

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: JORDAN ROSE ALUMNUS  |  PEER LEADERSHIP, YOUTH LEADERSHIP CORPS “I want people to know that this organization focuses on kids being able to jump out of technology and into being personable with one another, and also with nature.” Jordan is a two time alumnus, joining us for his first course in November of… READ MORE >

Throwback: The 15th Annual Cornerstone Awards

CORNERSTONE AWARDS DINNER SATURDAY, MAY 12 2017 The 15th Annual Cornerstone Awards Dinner ordered up some classic Outward Bound weather for this year’s event, but that didn’t stop our guests from taking on the Aerial Teams Course before sitting down for the evening. We were treated to a live stream of the Kentucky Derby, a… READ MORE >

Board Spotlight: John Avirett

BOARD SPOTLIGHT: JOHN AVIRETT GREENSPRING ASSOCIATES  |  BOARD MEMBER, DONOR “I serve because I believe in the skill sets that we offer students, and because I know that development is tied to a city that I care about. I know that our work will have a long-term impact on our future society.” When I was… READ MORE >

The Wildest Course Areas for our Students

URBAN BASED, WILDERNESS EQUIPPED THE CHESAPEAKE REGION HAS SOME OF THE WILDEST COURSE AREA FOR OUR STUDENTS Baltimore might be in our name, but our students explore wilderness areas all over the Chesapeake Region: from West Virginia, to Pennsylvania, and all over the state of Maryland. Each and every year, our team scours the remote… READ MORE >

Focused on Character in the Chesapeake Region

FOCUSED ON CHARACTER HOW WE SHAPE CHARACTER CURRICULUM IN THE CHESAPEAKE REGION Our 2017 season brought back perennial school partners like Episcopal High School for their 20th year of Outward Bound expeditions. It also brought unique opportunities to serve groups of students from across the region and country – such as Tundra Women’s Coalition, Laalot,… READ MORE >

More than Tax Write-offs: The Benefits of Charitable Giving

“Why me? Why now? How does this benefit me?” We’re sure a lot of questions run through your mind when you’re making the decision to give to a charitable organization. Fortunately, the answers to“why give”are easily found in our most basic biological and psychological selves. But before we ask why donate to an organization, let’s ask… READ MORE >

A CBOBS First: The International Boundies Awards

The family that doesn’t shower, stays together. View all course photos here THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL BOUNDIES AWARDS Written by Tory Haltermann, CBOBS Instructor Halfway through a 12-day course, I overheard phrases like “It will be like the Dundies from The Office” and “We can make one for everyone” from two students who paddled near me…. READ MORE >