Data on the Horizon

This past fall we partnered with Listen for Good, an organization dedicated to promoting high-quality listening and equity-driven feedback practices across social-serving organizations. Thank you to 65+ educators across our expedition and insight programming who submitted feedback after completing a program with their students this past fall. 

Our partnering schools and educators play vital roles in supporting their students through an Outward Bound experience and we believe that feedback from educators about their students’ experience is essential to ensuring our programs stay relevant and impactful. 


Above average NPS scores for the educational sector


  • Outward Bound instructors created a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Learning outcomes are being met across all programs
  • Outward Bound staff were especially respectful, compassionate, and adept at intervening for positive change
  • Appreciated the support Outward Bound gave to help prepare students for their expedition experience


Educators reported that for many of their students, the high ropes challenge course was a highly effective part of the programming. They suggested that we maximize the unique experience of the challenge course and encouraged us to ensure that the experience was accessible and impactful for all students.  

Educators encouraged our expedition staff to better frontload the transfer of responsibility to students. Our program model includes the opportunity for students to take increased leadership, autonomy, and responsibility over the duration of the week – educators noted that students sometimes seemed “lost” during this handoff from instructor to student, and a better explanation of the “why” might support students during this transition.


We’re planning to focus on staff training and modeling for effective frontloading of the experience – and highlighting the impact of the challenge course. We’re going to keep collecting feedback! We noticed a few feedback trends that just didn’t have enough responses to take clear action on. Thank you again to everyone who submitted feedback for our programs!