Peer Leadership: Service Learning Urban Expedition

This unique expedition takes students to the streets. We teach groups how to navigate the city by foot and public transportation while providing challenges focused on team building and cultural experiences. Our goal is to show students sides of the city that are often overlooked. On urban expeditions, participants explore the rich cultural, historical, and… READ MORE >

Peer Leadership: Canoeing

No two Outward Bound expeditions are ever quite the same. Every crew is unique; every route is distinct; and every adventure is dynamic. But one thing remains the same. On each course, students rise to meet exhilarating natural challenges in some of the country’s wildest places – and find strength and determination along the way. Build… READ MORE >

Insight: Team Building for Organizations

One-day Insight programs quickly bring groups together through challenges. The combination of ground initiatives, problem-solving exercises, and high-rope elements provides a diverse learning experience for every individual. Each student walks away with practical skills they can apply to their lives while also contributing to their group’s overall success and progress. This course is suited for… READ MORE >

Peer Leadership: Sea Kayaking

More than simply a technical skills course, this sea kayaking expedition offers the chance to grow as an individual and as a leader. Explore the Chesapeake Bay from the hull of a kayak. With every stroke, work as a group to overcome expedition challenges, develop a greater belief in yourself and your crew and learn… READ MORE >