Cornerstone has always been about celebrating each person that makes our work possible. Whether you’re entirely new to our mission, a lifelong donor, an educator, alumni, or part of the CBOBS staff - we are all needed. This year, we’re taking our time to hear from the many voices across our Outward Bound community as we turn a corner into 2021—a year defined more by the word progress than pandemic.

For Cornerstone 2021, your gift shows that you’re committed to helping our students emerge from behind their laptops into a new, bolder future for themselves. Your donation provides the connection, belonging, and experiences needed to show today’s youth what they’re capable of.

You can play a role in changing the lives of youth in your community by donating at the link below or mailing us at the address on the cornerstone.

Turn this corner with us.



The value of our Cornerstone Sponsors over the last year has been immeasurable. While most organizations looked for shelter to wait out the storm of 2020, we forged on through the night thanks to your compassionate gifts. We may have been forced ‘off-trail’ this last year, but we’re finally turning a corner and finding our way back to seeing students in person again. Our ability to maintain focus is the only reason we are able to continue our impact within the schools we serve. You allowed us to pivot to virtual programs and provide belonging and connection to students who needed it during distance learning. As a result, we’ve kept our community engaged with our work, and have YOU to thank.

But now the biggest challenge awaits as we meet a demand for experiential learning like we’ve never seen. Your gift this year is as important as any years before. Turn this next corner with us, and let’s get back on the trail together.


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Mycah Berryman

Dave and Jackie Carrera

Nicholas Chavis

Craig Coleman

E. Hervey and Katherine Smith Evans

Nancy Greene

David and Phyllis Kim

Tyler Larkin

Amy Macht

Ginger Mihalik

JD and Sophie Nelson

Matthew Novack

Natalie Sherman

Caryssa Thomas

Ellet Toomey

Megan Campbell

Albert J. and Annie Caputo

Christopher Duncan

Carey Fetting- Smith

Natalie Haney

Marlis Janes

Ganesha Martin

Courtney R Martin

James Piper III

Justin Redd

James and Rosie Smith

Gavin Ware

Ben Worden


Diana Chen

Larry Contrella

Suzy and Edward Dunn

Justin Ellis

Johnnie Forman

Michael C Hardy

Jim Halle

Brett Hollander

Blair Iodice

Allison and Jeffrey Keenan

Hugh D. and Amy H. McGuirk

William and Sussannah Rienhoff

Mark Fetting and Georgie Smith

Mackenzie Wieder




We've been waiting for this moment for over a year. Help us turn the final corner and get back on trail with our students.