Professional Teambuilding

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Your team is one-of-a-kind, and your teambuilding program should be too. We offer customizable experiences tailored to the specific needs, goals, and dynamics of your team, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Through shared challenges, collaborative problem-solving, and mutual support, our programs foster a culture of generosity and teamwork among colleagues. Choose from four different program types: Classic, Women in Business, Emerging Leaders, or Bridging the Gap. Looking for something more? Check out our custom Professional Teambuilding option.

Discover the versatility of our Classic Teambuilding program, tailor-made for groups of any size, age, or demographic. Engage participants in a journey of mutual understanding, fostering a profound sense of belonging and camaraderie through our experiential, hands-on activities. Explore the intricate dynamics of the team and equip individuals with the skills to collaborate effectively, ensuring a cohesive and empowered group experience.


This program is great for:

  • A new staff onboarding experience 
  • Integrating new staff with existing staff 
  • Strengthening bonds within closeknit work groups 
  • Building connection between staff who may rarely work together 
  • Networking with people from different organizations who do similar work

Embark on our empowering teambuilding program which is designed exclusively for women in business. This unique experience combines dynamic group activities, interactive leadership models, and an exhilarating climbing activity to foster collaboration, enhance leadership skills, and create a supportive network. Join us for a transformative journey that strengthens professional bonds, promotes self-confidence, and cultivates a thriving community of successful women in business. 


This program is great for:

  • Women in a male dominated workplace
  • Female owned/led businesses
  • Women's sports teams 
This dynamic teambuilding adventure is designed for the emerging leaders and key influencers within your organization! Immerse yourself in an engaging outdoor experience that uncovers personal leadership strengths through exhilarating climbing activities and thought-provoking group exercises. Join us on a transformative journey to strengthen professional bonds, amplify leadership skills, and foster a supportive network among a community of emerging leaders. 

This program is great for:

  • New managers or managers in training 
  • Strengthening key positions within your workplace  
  • Corporate mergers and integration 
Step into the great outdoors with our innovative "Bridging the Gap" teambuilding program, meticulously crafted to unite diverse populations. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking group exercises, invigorating team challenges, and an outdoor climbing adventure designed to foster understanding and connection. Join us on a transformative journey to bridge gaps, strengthen bonds, and cultivate a harmonious community among different populations while enjoying the beauty of the natural world.

This program is great for:

  • Hybrid or remote work groups
  • Colleagues across hierarchical structures
  • Peers across generational divides
  • Siloed work groups 
My group is not the most physically fit. Will we be able to do all the activities?
Our activities are designed for everyone and can be modified in many ways to accommodate different levels of ability or engagement. Our ground activities may include standing and walking on uneven ground, short bursts of jogging, hopping, or tossing light throwable objects.
What if some of my group members don’t like heights or don’t want to climb?
Climbing is optional and never forced. We always encourage participants to step outside of their comfort zone and find a way to challenge themselves, but we will never force anyone to do anything that doesn’t feel right. For most of our climbing elements, we use a team belay system which allows participants to stay engaged by providing support from the ground. 
Is this program safe for a pregnant person to participate?
A pregnant person may participate in most aspects of our program. We offer many activity modifications.
Can my team get a Myers Briggs, StrengthsFinder, or other type of assessment done with you?
We can offer customized programming that utilizes marketplace assessment tools. Please use our custom program page to request a program with these elements.
Do we have to use the ropes course?
Of course not. Depending on the goals of your program, we can design programs that utilize ground-based activities, and/or use our low challenge course. This option still offers excellent opportunities for your team to physically experience trust, confidence, and team support while staying close to the ground.
Can my team use your meeting space for extended day meetings?
Yes, we have a conference room available for teams of 10 – 15.
What facilities do you offer?
Leakin park is the second largest urban park in the United States, and our campus has ample space for your program. We have on-site restrooms, shaded / covered picnic area(s), and an indoor ballroom space inside the historic Orianda Mansion. Our administrative building also has a conference room for 10 - 15 person teams.
Can you run a professional teambuilding offsite?
Yes! We can offer any of our five Professional Teambuilding program types at our Baltimore base and ropes course, or offsite, whether your office or another location. If offsite, we will incorporate a mix of low elements that replace any high ropes (rock wall, challenge course) options.
What should I bring or wear?
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to be outside all day. We do ask that you wear close toed shoes (tennis shoes, lightweight hiking shoe or boot) and bring your own personal water bottle. A rain shell or windbreaker is a great option depending on the weather, but we have plenty of extras if you need one!
What levels of physical activity are expected of me and my team?
Our clients vary in age, gender, and physical abilities. A successful program requires teamwork, effective communication, and commitment—not physical strength or endurance. We customize every program to ensure that everyone can participate. Additionally, our site offers various ways to engage physically- from low impact ground-based activities to high challenge course activities.
How long are programs?
Typically we run programs from 9am – 4pm here at our Leakin Park Campus. Full day programming offers your team the right amount of time to get the most out of your experience! Growth takes time, and we recognize the value of a day! Additional options include half day programming and the option for us to come to your corporate retreat or conference center. Please give us a call for more information about customized programs.
What if it rains?
We run our programs rain or shine! In the event of soggy weather, we work hard to provide the same meaningful and safe experience for all. We adapt by programming under sheltered spaces, providing rain gear and warm clothing for everyone, and adjusting the program flow as necessary.
Who are your facilitators?
Our professional facilitators have worked with clients such as T. Rowe Price, World Bank, JP Morgan, Under Armour, Clark Construction, NASA, U.S. Air Force, US Naval Academy, and the Yale School of Management. They passionately believe in guiding individuals and groups towards reflective action. Degrees such as Organizational Development, Social Work, and Business Administration give our facilitators a diverse background of knowledge to inform your work as a group. OBP facilitators obtain in-depth training in facilitation techniques and group process models, and have on average of 10+ years of experience guiding professional clients towards growth! Our facilitators come with years of experience in challenge course operations and safety management. They hold certifications such as Wilderness First Responder, Association for Challenge Course Technology Level 2 Certification, and Emergency Medicine. Many have worked as challenge course trainers in Maryland and around the country.
What should I wear on my One-Day Program?
Participants should wear closed-toe shoes. Sneakers are great, sandals are not. Clothes should be comfortable and appropriate for an active day outside. Please be aware that the program runs rain or shine. Dress appropriately. Except for t-shirts, do not bring cotton items, as they lose their insulating quality when wet. Wool or synthetic clothing is recommended for cooler weather.


Welcome to our 1,216 acre wooded paradise that's built to keep you close to your company but far from your comfort zone. With over 20 high and low rope elements we have everything we need to challenge you and put your team into the growth mindset.