Welcome to the Character CurriculumĀ©

Bringing SEL to the classroom through the wilderness.

The Character CurriculumĀ© is a collection of lessons meant to bring Outward Bound’s experiential education experience into your classroom. Our curriculum designers combined education best-practices with decades of Outward Bound knowledge to create a tool that seamlessly bridges the gap between our wilderness expeditions and the modern classroom.

If you’re a teacher or educator of any type, you’re now able to select the lessons that fit your students and school goals. Some of our lessons are currently available for free to anyone who wants to see how they work. Our entire catalog of lesson plans are available to educational partners that are currently engaged in our expedition programs. Our full progression of social emotional learning programs also include one-day teambuilding and professional development options for educators.

Want access to the curriculum, but not currently working with us? Contact our curriculum designer today to ask questions.

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