We are ‘CBOBS’ (Sea-Bobs)

Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School (CBOBS) was established in 1986 as an urban-based Outward Bound program of the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School.

We have since gone on to serve nearly 100,000 students across the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region. Our first campus in Baltimore’s Leakin Park is home to our historic staff house, administrative building and the city’s only high ropes challenge course.

Watch the video about four of our distinguished founders and the road to the CBOBS of today.

Our Mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery.

Outward Bound is an international educational movement dedicated to the idea that people are capable of far more than they know.

Originally designed by educator Kurt Hahn in 1941 to prepare young Britons to face the challenges of World War II, whether on the home front or in the uniformed services, the program fostered leadership qualities that were especially needed for those in the Merchant Marine whose ships were “Outward Bound,” headed to the high seas on the treacherous North Atlantic run.

Now, all around the world, Outward Bound schools prepare people to take on challenges and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Hahn was adamant that human potential should be harnessed for the well-being of all people. As a Jewish educator living in Nazi Germany, he had witnessed the horror of human power unchecked by compassion and moral courage. Hahn fled Germany and pioneered educational programs that inspired young people to embrace their common humanity, engage in service and become active citizens.  He developed a curriculum focused not only on academics, but also on embracing challenge and valuing reflection time, which was dedicated to impelling students to realize their full potential. It took only a few years for this ground-breaking educational program to begin its international expansion.

Now, more than 75 years since its inception, Outward Bound has schools in over 30 countries on six continents. Our programs are continuing to evolve, and the future is very promising.

Hahn’s philosophy shaped our own: By living in a group in a wilderness setting and facing authentic challenges, participants realize what they are truly capable of and develop compassionate, courageous leadership skills needed for actively engaging in their lives back home.

At Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School we value compassion, integrity, excellence, and diversity.  We use experiential education techniques in a supportive yet challenging environment to teach our students that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible.