Donors make everything we aim to do at CBOBS possible. Without your generosity, we couldn’t use the outdoors to teach youth important lessons, like how to resolve conflict, be a compassionate leader, and overcome personal challenges. Your gift makes all the difference in the lives of our students.

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The Kahlert Foundation
Maryland State Department of Education - SAI Program
Outward Bound USA
Parks and People Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999

Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention
Under Armour, Inc.

$20,000 - $49,999

Aegon/Transamerica Foundation
Baltimore Gas & Electric Company
Bunting Family Foundation
James and Rosie Smith

$10,000 - $19,999

Arthur M. Blank Foundation
Ed Bernard
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Brett and Vicky Rogers Fund
Mary Catherine Bunting
Charles Crane Family Foundation, Inc.
Clark Charitable Foundation
Frank E. and Miriam Loveman Foundation, Inc.
Harry and Betty Lichtman Charitable Fund
Kent Youth Inc.
Leroy M. Merritt Charitable Trust
Heather and Marc McPherson
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Thomas Wilson Sanitarium for Children of Baltimore City

$5,000 - $9,999

Alfred and Muriel Berkeley
Berkeley Research Group
Andrew and Cassandra Brooks
Clayton Baker Trust
Constellation, an Exelon Company
CRC CARES Foundation
Epic Systems Corporation
Richard W. Frisch
Arthur and Kathryn George
Ann and David Giroux
Greenspring Associates
John J. Leidy Foundation
Jeffrey and Malia Joy
L’Aiglon Foundation
Ethan D. Leder
Gregory and Elizabeth McCrickard
Mike Morrill and Mary Page Michel
Nellie and Truman Semans Fund
Patient First
Proskauer Rose
The Larry Puglia Family Charitable Gift Fund
Richard and Lisa Rapuano
Rembrandt Foundation
George B. Riggs
Roche Family Charitable Gift Fund
Rosedale Federal
The Salisbury Family Foundation
Mark and Kathryn Vaselkiv
Ellen and David Wallack

$1,000 - $4,999

Abell Foundation, Inc.
David and Bonnie Allan
C. Michael Armstrong
Suzanne Avirett
John and Ashley Avirett
Franklyn Baker
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
H. Furlong Baldwin
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Michael and Pattie Batza
Beatty Development, LLC
Richard and Rita Berndt
Pat Bernstein
Stacey Boyer
Marc Bunting
George and Anne Bunting
Constance R. Caplan
David and Stephanie Citron
Cleveland Dodge Foundation
Phil Clough
Craig Coleman
Linda and Paul Corbin
David and Patrice Cromwell Family Fund
D.F. Dent and Company, Inc.
Deauville Fund of Baltimore Community Foundation
Ina and Howard Drew
Suzy and Eddie Dunn Fund
Hervey Evans and Katherine Smith Evans
Feather Foundation, Inc.
Charles C. Fenwick Jr.
Mark Fetting and Georgie Smith
Michael and Susan Ford Charitable Fund
Gallagher, Evelius & Jones, LLP
Hardiman Family Foundation
Joseph and Kathy Hardiman
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
Kelly & Associates Insurance Group/KELLY Payroll
Klingenstein Foundation
Susan and Francis Knott
Laura Kohler
Lewis Contractors, LLC
Lois and Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund
The Lookout Foundation
Randolph C. Metcalfe
Dr. Edward J Miller Jr.
J.D. Nelson
Susan and Hugh Phelps
PNC Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Stephen and Kyoko Redd
William and Susannah Rienhoff
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Henry Rosenberg
Lisa Millspaugh Schroeder
Barbara Shapiro
Barry Strauch
Suburban Hospital & Sibley Memorial Hospital
T. Rowe Price Group
Ziger/Snead LLP Architects

$500 - $999

All Risks, LTD
William C. Baker
Baltimore Subway Group Corporation
Benjamin M. Baker Charitable Fund
Bristol Frederick, LLC
James Carter
John Chessare
Mike Davey
Manuel Dupkin II
Tom and Wesley Finnerty
James and Edith Garrett
Nanette Garrison
Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn
Bart and Danica Griffith
John Hennessey
Monty and Stephen Howard
Iredell and Jennie Iglehart
Abby and Peter Jackson
Angela Jacobson
Marie Luise Janes
Stephen and Laurie Kelly
Pace Kessenich
Brian and Dana Ledyard
Legum Foundation, Inc.
Frederick Lindahl
Amy Macht and George Grose
Timothy Magnani
Brian Mahoney
The Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation
Hugh D. and Amy H. McGuirk Fund
George Mumford
Lat and Barbara Naylor
Matthew Novak
Walter D. and Mary-Ann Pinkard
James Piper
Christopher D. Rhodes
T. Michael Rodgers
Jonathon and Matt Rondeau
David Sloan
Scott and Lindsay Vane
Gordon and Diana Virgo
Michael Trent and Margaret Zivkovich

UNDER $500

John and Susan Alford
Jody Allen
Janie Bailey
Peter Baily
Alan Baker
Rodger Bayne
BCT Architects
Jessica and Jim Benjamin
Mycah Berryman
Barbara Berson
Greg Billing
Lynda and John Burton
Albert J. and Annie Caputo
Jacqueline and David Carrera
John Ciccarone
Beverley and Marian Compton
Jo Coyle
Becky Decker
Don Donaldson
John and Cara Enny
Carlton and Roxanne Epps
George Farrant
Susan Feickert
Hathaway Ferebee
Carey Fetting-Smith
James A. Flick, Jr.
Karen Forman
Friends of Gwynns Falls & Leakin Park
Belle Gadomski
Alexa Gagliardi
Thomas O. Gamper, AIA
William Tom Gerrard
Patricia Brown and Joseph P. Gill
Sarah Golden
Pat Goodyear
Eliza Graham
Dave and Gail Greenwood
Walter F. Grove
Elizabeth Grove
Kevin Grunkemeyer
Natalie Haney
Howard L. Sollins and Barbara M. Resnick Family Fund

UNDER $500 (CONT.)

Lisa D. Hunter
Henry H. Jenkins, II
Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada
Pete Kimmel
Karen Koelbel
Jim La Prad and Kathleen Costello La Prad
Margaret and Scott Laich
Carol Lazio
Kyle Prechtl Legg and Benson Legg
Leigh and Henry Lowe
Benjamin F. Lucas
McCracken Consulting, LLC
Edith and Henry McHenry
Chris McMahan
Liz Menges
Ginger Mihalik
Milton H. Miller Jr. & Susan W. Miller
Lori Mostofsky
James Murray Charitable Fund
James and Anni Naylor
Cassandra Naylor
Wendy Nelson
Douglas and Michelle Nelson
Jake Niemyer
Marla and James Nix
Jessica Norwitz
Mary Odell
Patricia Odell
Jo and Ed Orser
Susan and Edward Osann
Eric Park
Matthew Parker
Mae Pattison
Kristine Petersen
Julie and David Phillips
Leanna Powell
John B. Powell
John Prugh
Mike Quashne
Kate Ratcliffe
Justin and Vanessa Redd
Arnold and Alison Richman
Scott Rodgville
Felicity Messner Ross
Daniel and Hallie Rugg
Marian Saks
Phyllis Smith
Stevenson University
Jacques Theriot
Caryssa Thomas
Trish Van Note
Charles E. and Claudia Vieth
Steve Vilnit
Cathy Willauer
Peter Winch
Collin Wolff
Amy Wolff
Ben Worden

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