Our Challenge Course features a combination of high and low rope elements, placed throughout our wooded campus in Leakin Park. Our instructors, and course elements are used to specifically meet each group's needs while here for their program. Participants spend the day engaged in a progression of problem solving initiatives and various high ropes challenges. As they tackle their fears, they build confidence and develop a sense of trust and teamwork. Teams from schools to non-profits come together and work to bring the impact from their experience back to their communities.

Insight for Youth

Insight for Adults, Organizations


In the Fall of 2016, we added 7 new elements to our expansive Challenge Course in Leakin Park. We now have a total of 9 standing elements including various low-rope and high-rope challenges. Our Leakin Park campus also features huge open areas for ground initiatives to accommodate the needs of any group! Stay tuned for more videos of students on our various course elements throughout the year. You can get a preview of the new additions in the video to the right. Email us if you're interested in getting your group out in 2017!


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