Leadership Expeditions

Students today are in need of character building experiences that push them to exceed what they believe is possible. Our courses challenge students to step outside of their comfort zone to discover personal strength through individual and group success. The transferable life lessons from these five-day expeditions are combined with our Character Curriculum, a customizable set of lesson plans for educators.



  • Outward Bound Values: Push your own limits and seek challenge as an opportunity for growth.
  • Demonstrate Mastery: Take on leadership and decision-making responsibilities.
  • Life Lessons: Resilience, self-confidence, character, desire to make a difference


  • 80% said their character improved after their Outward Bound expedition
  • 82% believed their confidence increased after returning home from their course


Character skills can be taught - both in the classroom and in nature’s physically and socially challenging environments. With this curriculum we employ the experiential learning tools that Outward Bound instructors have used in the field for decades and expand them into teachable modules available to guiding, supportive teachers and adults to facilitate with their student groups. When these customizable lesson plans are used in conjunction with an Outward Bound Expedition, students are empowered by learning how to persevere through challenge, manage conflict, show compassion, and solve problems. This unique approach equips students with the life and leadership skills to transfer learning and enact positive change in their own lives and communities.

Students Will…

  • Apply conscientious communication and conflict resolution skills during times of disagreement.
  • Acknowledge responsibility and accountability for words and actions.
  • Use moments of individual and group failure to motivate positive change.
  • Listen to others’ opinions, and productively express own opinions.
  • Compare and critique various solutions to group challenges and successfully complete tasks.

How it Works:

  • 5 sessions – divided to explore five essential questions:
    • What is leadership?
    • Why do some people overcome challenge and others give up easily?
    • What is effective communication?
    • How do our experiences shape and define us?
    • What brings about change?
  • Each session includes suggested lessons and activities, as well as options for extension activities.
  • Customize the content to your group’s needs by isolating only the elements you want to use from one or all of the sessions.


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