Classic High School

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Experience rugged wilderness. Tackle demanding natural challenges. And at the end of it all, emerge a tenacious, trail-tested leader with genuine confidence and a passion to do more.

Classic-style courses are the original Outward Bound program. These expeditions are based in the outdoors and teach students technical skills like navigation, camp craft, the basics of backpacking or rock climbing and much more. As students learn these skills in challenging situations, they also learn the value of teamwork, compassion for others and the pursuit of excellence.

Designed for students aged 14-18, our Classic expeditions push students physically, socially and emotionally. Often when they think they’ve reached their limits, they find there is more within them. Students discover their passion; dig deep; master skills – both technical and interpersonal. Surrounded by the pristine natural world and a crew of adventurous peers, students work as a team to achieve goals and learn skills.

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