Our mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery.

We build leadership within communities by providing students, educators, school administrators and community leaders with opportunities to develop a better understanding of their capabilities and value to their community. This mission will be carried out through challenging experiences that are safely structured to enhance leadership, self-esteem, self-reliance, concern for others, service to the community and care for the environment.


At Outward Bound our backpacking excursions will enhance your endurance as an individual and enrich your ability to work as a member of a team, as you and your group tackle miles of wilderness terrain every day. Challenge your mind to interpret topographical maps and translate them into the landscape before you. Your body will become comfortable carrying and living out of your pack.

Rock Climbing

An Outward Bound rock climbing trip will challenge your endurance and redefine your strengths. You will learn the fundamentals of belay systems and hardware, rappelling, rock site environmental awareness, and Leave No Trace camping techniques. With your newfound sense of confidence, you will be better poised to accept challenges back in your real life.


Voyage with your canoe down rivers and portage trails in some of the Mid-Atlantic's most pristine wilderness areas. Learn boat rescue techniques and enjoy quality time with your boat partner while meeting challenges and learning the art of paddling.


Outward Bound courses create young leaders through educational programs in the wilderness. Our Scholarship Program is guided by a single principle: Every person should have the opportunity to experience adventure and challenge, develop character and compassion, and learn leadership skills and service ethics – regardless of financial ability. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to bring together diverse groups of students. Outward Bound firmly believes this diversity instills cultural acceptance and teamwork skills that enable participants to become principled leaders. Thanks to generous donations from alumni, parents, corporations, foundations, and others, Outward Bound awards up to $3.7 million in scholarships to 6,000 students each year. To apply for a scholarship awards, please contact

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