Dear friends, alumni, and supporters:

The work of Outward Bound is both complex and simple at the same time. Our outcomes—citizens better prepared to serve, lead, and shape a brighter future—are easy to understand. Our values, too, are what every parent and mentor hopes to instill in the next generation: compassion, integrity, excellence, and inclusion. We all know the satisfaction of service and how it feels to be our best selves.

But the path to discovering our best selves can be winding and difficult to navigate. It looks different for every student, for young people from diverse economic backgrounds, for veterans and police, for people grappling with grief, and for professionals at various stages of their careers. Using our rigorous curricula and data-informed practices, expert Outward Bound instructors work tirelessly to lead students down the path that’s right for them. While each individual student emerges from their Outward Bound course with clarity and focus, it can be challenging for them to look back and grasp the true breadth of what we do here.

In this report, we do just that. We pull back the curtain on the many hands, hearts, and minds that contributed to this journey for more than 6,000 students in 2018. The following pages will introduce you to students, instructors, donors, and organizations who have each taken different paths to the same destination: a more compassionate, resilient, self-determined life. You’ll meet Steven, one of our many merit-based scholarship students; Nacoya, a field instructor who has been inspired through her work at Outward Bound; and Brown Advisory, an organization that chose our school to help celebrate their future.

Together, we’re building a society that we can all be proud of. Thanks for walking alongside us.

Ginger Mihalik, Executive Director
Andrew M. Brooks, Chairman of the Board


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