Ashley is a self-proclaimed “camp kid”. Growing up in Western New York, she spent all of her free time outside exploring, camping, hiking, swimming and horseback riding. When she wasn’t outdoors, she spent her time planning her next adventures. She loved sharing her curiosity and passion for the outdoors with anyone who would listen. This… READ MORE >


Lisa was born in Chicago, IL, and moved to the DMV to pursue a graduate degree in English Literature. She loves the outdoors, having grown up near the shores of Lake Michigan, and was grateful to land in a region with so many opportunities to camp and hike. She taught college writing while earning her… READ MORE >


A native of Knoxville, TN, Shey grew up exploring the lush landscapes of the southern Appalachian Mountains and the vibrant trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was through his own experiences of exploration in the wilderness of these lands that broadened his love for the outdoors and guided his understanding of how one’s… READ MORE >