A little about me: Hey Friends, My name is TIMO and I am originally from the Peach State. Since leaving GA I have lived in IA, MI, MN, MD, CO, MT and traveled to 32 other states. My personal goal is to get to all 50 states and beyond. I am passionate about service and… READ MORE >


A little about me: Hi, I’m Sully, like the monster from “Monster’s Inc” (or the pilot who landed on the Hudson)! I’ve bounced around from Boston to DC to NYC and am happy to have settled into beautiful Baltimore. You’ll find me at rock climbing gyms, playing tennis at Leakin Park, and hiking any mountain… READ MORE >


A little about me: I am a storyteller by trade, I have a theater background that I have had the opportunity to integrate into the work I do here at the Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School. The staff at our base have such interesting backgrounds that bring a different spin to the way we lead… READ MORE >

Shelby Fredrickson

A little about me: I’m Shelby (she/they), from Baltimore! My friends & family call me Bee. I grew up exploring the mid-Atlantic trails and rivers I now get to re-explore with Outward Bound. When I’m not in the field, I’m in my studio painting plants, portraits, pets, and designing tattoos for clients. My dream superpower… READ MORE >

Gary Appel

A little about me: Gary here. Been a Marylander all my life living up in Harford County. Used to want to leave so bad and now you couldn’t drag me out. Its home. Retired from careers in both the military and government civilian service. Love the outdoors and working with those younger than me (that… READ MORE >

Winston Ernst

A little about me: My name is Winston and I was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Growing up in the suburbs between DC and Baltimore, I often turned to nature to relax and play. My love for the outdoors motivated me to earn a degree in Outdoor Leadership and Adventure Education in Western… READ MORE >

Ty Fontanilla

A little about me: Hey! I’m Ty (he/they), from Frederick, MD. I started working in outdoor education at the University of Maryland in 2018, and I’ve been pursuing opportunities to be outside as much as possible ever since! In my free time, I love rock climbing, mountain biking, playing video games, and going to concerts…. READ MORE >

Lenna G. Forman

A little about me: Born and raised in New York City, Lenna’s love of the outdoors was nurtured by regular trips north to the waterfronts and mountains of Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. A child of former summer camp counselors, Lenna followed in their parents footsteps and worked two summers at the Red Spruce Grove program… READ MORE >

River Hofkamp

A little about me: Hey y’all my name is River! Born and raised in the wilds of Colorado, I’m a wild hearted rover who chases the things that make me feel most alive. From climbing frozen waterfalls to taming wild mustangs, and every adrenaline pumping thing in between, I live for the adventure that is… READ MORE >