Kristen joins the Chesapeake Outward Bound School after serving as the Executive Director of Shelters to Shutters.  Kristen joined Shelters to Shutters in 2021 as the Executive Director for the National Capital Region market.  In her time at Shelters to Shutters, she brought strategic development and engagement opportunities forward that delivered impact to the Shelters… READ MORE >


Mycah is a natural-born investigator.  She has always loved figuring out how things work in the world around her.  During her childhood in Annapolis, Mycah spent countless hours observing nature; building ant farms, catching lightning bugs, raising box turtles; and documenting her observations by writing stories about her adventures.  Her inquisitive nature and love of… READ MORE >


A city dweller with a love of nature. Between New Jersey, Philadelphia PA, and Baltimore MD, Jen has always lived in what she calls the “Mid-Atlantic Triangle”. Jen has followed her passions in the outdoors including farming, floristry, landscaping, and eventually experiential education after completing a 28-day expedition in Alaska. She earned her M.A. in… READ MORE >


Natalie is an accomplished traveler, snow sports enthusiast, and most importantly an Outward Bound Alum. She lived in California, Taiwan, Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, and Germany before the age of 12. Her childhood in Germany gave her family access to Austria’s impressive mountains where she acquired her lifelong obsession for skiing, snowboarding, and the pursuit of fresh powder. She… READ MORE >


Starting as an instructor, Mary has worked at Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School since 2014. Mary grew up on Long Island, NY and spent most summers at a camp in Northern Ontario. Summers spent canoeing Canada’s lakes and rivers fostered her belief that group travel in the outdoors builds teams, relationships, and confidence like nothing… READ MORE >


Kelly Reynolds came to Outward Bound in 2014 after five years of teaching in the traditional classroom. She has a passion for the deep learning and insight that can come from personal experience, challenge, and reflection. Mindfulness, community, the human connection to others and the natural world are values that drive her methods of instruction…. READ MORE >