How do I use the bathroom on an expedition?

Instructors teach backcountry protocol for disposing of waste properly. The crew will carry gear specific to using the bathroom in the backcountry which includes a small shovel, toilet paper, small opaque bags, and hand sanitizer. When available, participants can use a latrine or outhouse. When that is not an option, they will find a spot… READ MORE >

How Does Outward Bound Prevent Vector-Borne Diseases On Course?

Risks and Prevention of Vector-Borne Diseases Vector-borne diseases (VBDs) are human illnesses caused by parasites, viruses or bacteria that are transmitted by vectors. Common vectors include ticks, mosquitoes, flies and fleas. Vector-borne diseases are a risk in nearly all areas in the United States, whether you are in the wilderness or in your backyard.  Some… READ MORE >

What should I expect on course?

Participants should come prepared to work hard, have fun and learn new skills. Your time with us will be spent outdoors in the natural world, meeting challenges, practicing leadership, managing risks and working closely within a group. Along the way, you will be guided by your instructors and supported by the camaraderie of fellow students.

Is it safe?

Outward Bound has an excellent safety record, and the safety of our participants is a top priority. We invest considerable time and resources in training our staff and reviewing our programs to ensure that they meet Outward Bound’s national standards of safety and quality. The accuracy of the information you provide on medical forms is… READ MORE >

What is a Leadership Expedition?

Participants will be part of a team comprised of 10 participants and two professionally trained Outward Bound instructors. Expeditions take place in one of our many course areas which included: portions of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania or Maryland, the wilderness of West Virginia, or the Chesapeake Bay. Depending on the course which you are… READ MORE >

How are instructors trained?

Outward Bound instructors are highly qualified outdoor professionals and educators, extensively trained and certified in both hard and soft skills. Typical certifications include: Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Lifeguarding, AMGA Rock Climbing and ACA Canoe instruction. An instructor must be certified and have both personal experience and professional guiding experience before becoming staff. Outward Bound instructors… READ MORE >

What should I bring on my Leadership Expedition?

Bringing the proper clothing on your program is crucial. After you are enrolled you will receive a welcome packet that includes a clothing list specific to your course. This list has been carefully compiled based on all the weather conditions you may encounter while on your program. Our clothing list reflects the importance of the… READ MORE >

Do I need to purchase gear or clothing for my course?

Please don’t feel that you must buy anything. Outward Bound provides all technical equipment, including rain gear, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, duffel bags, back packs, stoves, food, etc. Even if you bring your own equipment, we may insist you use ours.