What gear do I need to pack?

Your school has been provided with a student packing list, which applies to you too! Unless you plan to continue expedition life, don’t feel like you need to buy any special gear. We loan out all needed gear and clothing you might need. Thrift stores are also great resources for cheap, non-cotton clothing! If you… READ MORE >

What personal items should I bring? 

MEDICINE: Prescription medications must be approved by the Medical Screening Department before the program start. If you cannot go for 24-36 hours without your medication, in case of an emergency, we recommend that you bring double the amount needed (with written instructions) in separate, non-breakable, waterproof containers. YOU MUST BRING AN INHALER IF YOU HAVE ASTHMA…. READ MORE >

What can I expect the first day? 

8am: You’ll meet with all students at school, check final medications are collected, and bus to our Baltimore Campus  9am: Arrive at Outward Bound Campus to meet your instructors, icebreakers, and share goals for the week.  10am: “Duffle Shuffle” with your crew! Your Instructor will make sure everyone has the gear they need and help you pack it in backpacks or… READ MORE >

What is a typical day on the trail (or river?) 

Days on expedition are sun-up to sun-down.   You’ll wake up with the group to cook breakfast, take down camp, fill water, and do other tasks until cooks have completed breakfast.   Use this morning time to have coffee, pack up your personal gear, and any other personal care needs you have.   Once breakfast is cleaned and everything is… READ MORE >

What does a standard week on expedition look like? 

Below is a sample schedule for your course. While the activities are similar from course to course, the days may change based on weather or program safety and quality.  DAY 1 | Meet and pack gear at base, drive to course area, typically a short hike or paddle to first campsite. Instructors begin introduction to backcountry travel and skills.  DAY… READ MORE >

Where will I sleep? 

You will sleep outside in tents (canoe course) or tarps (backpacking course). Chaperones usually share sleeping space with Outward Bound instructors. If you have your own tent, you are welcome to carry that with you as a private sleeping space. 

What’s on the menu? 

We pack food such as grains, pasta, cheese, vegetables, fruit, and nuts for the crew. Examples of meals are oatmeal, burritos, macaroni & cheese, and tuna wraps. We are able to plan around any food and allergy concerns listed on your medical forms. Feel free to bring a few personal snacks if you want! 

Can I bring my phone? 

We recommend leaving your phone behind. Expedition life is not amenable to technology! If for some reason having your phone is important, please check in with your instructors on phone etiquette! If there is a family emergency during the expedition, they can call the Course Director: (443) 442-4444.This phone is available strictly for true emergencies, and is… READ MORE >

How can I stay clean? 

We will wash hands regularly and learn outdoor methods for staying clean even though there will be no indoor restrooms or showers. Deodorant is discouraged as it can irritate skin when not washed off. Feel free to bring wipes or something similar!