We Believe

At The Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School we believe that the most successful communities are made up of many perspectives and lived experiences. We want to hear your story and give you an opportunity to lead. We hope to eliminate systemic barriers to entry through the following hiring strategies.

Our Strategic Approach To Staffing:

  • Instructor apprenticeship role is not credential based and states “No experience is necessary 
  • Incorporate interview questions regarding cultural relevancy 
  • Recruit for individuals that represent the community being served 
  • Increase recruitment efforts through youth opportunity centers and HBCU’s 
  • Remove unconscious bias in the interview process by intentionally combining structured and unstructured questions 
  • Institute fair chance practices
  • Clear salary information for apprenticeship & instructor promotion 
  • Anti-tokenizing community. CBOBS does not expect one staff person to speak on behalf of an entire identity. 
  • Enforce a system of accountability and a grievance procedure that allows staff to raise their concerns without feeling stigmatized 
  • No-tolerance culture that normalizes respectfully and consistently interrupting toxic behavior that stereotypes, excludes or shames individuals 
  • Posting CBOBS values of respect, inclusion and diversity throughout the office 
  • Intentionally and regularly celebrating and appreciating differences 
  • Creating Individual Development Plans for staff to create goals and set professional and emotional boundaries 
  • CBOBS own BEING (Baltimore Equity and Inclusion Group) will lead and hold meetings to discuss anti-racist practices and provide support and tools for staff to feel empowered to have difficult conversations such as effective communication training and third-party mediated conversations. 
  • Mindfully honoring inclusive language for all identities 
  • Accountable system of feedback for employees to address workplace aggressions