From Founding to Future

After two years apart, we come together, in person, for a very special Cornerstone Celebration. We gather to honor four pillars of Outward Bound that have been with us from the beginning. Their commitment to youth in our community is inspiring, as they have been instrumental in making Outward Bound possible for thousands of youth over four decades.

Connection to these leaders has been the spark that has ignited the dedication, commitment, and financial support that has allowed our School to thrive over time, and expand to light the future. We remain strong and vital, impacting lives of young people – our future leaders – throughout the greater Baltimore and Washington DC regions.



The Cornerstone Fund was started as a challenge to meet the needs of post-pandemic youth. Four of our founding board members -- Jim Garrett, Joe Hardiman, Dick Frisch and Jim Smith – kick-started the Fund and issued a challenge to their peers to invest in the personal journey of kids across Baltimore and Washington, DC regions to develop courage, emotional self-control and resilience. They saw first-hand the positive impact Outward Bound has had on kids in our community, and continue to have. The Cornerstone Fund, in honor of their legacy, will provide valuable scholarships to more students, creating greater access to life-changing programs. Thank you to all of the donors to the 2022 Cornerstone Fund:


John Avirett

Richard Berndt

Andy & Sana Brooks

Eddie & Sylvia Brown

Brown Advisory

Bunting Family Foundation

George Bunting

Alfred and Muriel Berkely

Clinton & Diana Daly

Feather Foundation at the request of James R. & Edith H. Garrett

Richard W. Frisch

A.C. & Kathryn George

Joe & Kathy Hardiman

Henry Hopkins

A.C. & Penney Hubbard Foundation

Peter R. & Cynthia A. Kellogg

Andrea Laporte

Earl & Darielle Linehan

Mary & Jim Miller

Tom O'Neil

Jim Riepe

Brett & Vicky Rogers

Truman Semans

Jim & Rosie Smith

M. David & Adena Testa

William L. and Victorine Q. Adams Foundation


Baltimore Subway Group Corporation

A.J. Caputo

David and Stephanie Citron

John Enny

Tom Finnerty

Joanne Frisch

Earl and Martha Galleher

Phyllis Leung-Kim

Hugh and Amy McGuirk

James Murray

Betsy and David Nelson

Matt Novak

Thomas Schweizer Jr.

David Starnes

John Page Williams

E Hervey and Kitty Evans

Johnnie Foreman

Marie Christine Haney

Iredell and Jenny Iglehart

F. Pierce Linaweaver

Pete and Karen McGraw

Ginger Mihalik

Douglas G. Nelson and Frances Michelle Nelson

Sheila Riggs

Justin and Vanessa Redd

Arnold I. Richman

Natalie Sherman

Parker Sutton

Stephen Wilkinson

Patti Ephraim

Susan Feikert

Donald and Janet Frisch

Walter Grove

Rebecca Henry and Harry Gruner

Paul Knott

Amy Macht

McCracken Consulting, LLC

Cassandra Naylor

Steven Nerenberg

Jonathan Rondeau

Bruce & Barbara Sawyer

Howard Sollins & Barbara Resnick Family Fund

Walter and Mary Vail