Empowering Our Youth, Together In Community

We come together, in person, for a very special Cornerstone Celebration. We gather to celebrate 20 years of your dedication, commitment and financial support to Cornerstone – reasons that Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School remains strong. And we come together to honor a pillar of Outward Bound who inspires us all to make a difference in our community.   

Since the inaugural Cornerstone event in 2003, your participation has impacted the lives of more than 55,000 students throughout the mid-Atlantic – from Baltimore to Washington, DC. Join us on this special evening to give more students and educators access to scholarships in life-changing outdoor programs. Now - more than ever – kids in our community need access to programs that give them a sense of belonging, connection and courage to be compassionate citizens. 

In celebration of this 20-year milestone, Patagonia – the outdoor retailer and advocate of environmental stewardship – has gifted their newest and largest store space in Baltimore at Fells Point to host Cornerstone 2023. 

Beyond the Classroom Video Premiere

Celebrating this year's honoree, Al Berkeley

We proudly honor a pillar of Outward Bound and champion of education and veterans causes wherever the need.  Al Berkeley’s commitment to ensuring equitable opportunities for students and veterans spans across the greater Baltimore and Washington DC regions. Al embodies the Outward Bound motto – To Serve, To Strive And Not To Yield. 

His unwavering commitment to positively impact the lives of thousands of students, educators and veterans will be felt for years to come. Join us in honoring this amazing force in our community.  

See some of the night's speeches

Chloe Straub, CBOBS Instructor and 2022 Silver Whistle Award Winner

Ashton W., CBOBS Alum and Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School Student

Dan Dent, Toasting Cornerstone honoree Al Berkeley



Shonique Alexander

Andrew & Daphne Bahl

Paul & Melanie Baker

Tom Hoen & Allison Barlow

Kate Beck

Brandon & Richard Berkeley

Mycah Berryman

Charles & Marie Brown

Albert J. & Annie Caputo

David & Stephanie Citron

Bryson Cook

Matthew Cooper

Jen Cort

Tracy & Nick Devine

Nick & Martina Dilks

Susan & Daniel Dwyer

E Hervey & Katherine Evans

Charlie C. Fenwick Jr.

Carey Fetting-Smith

Mark Fetting & Georgie Smith

Tom & Wesley Finnerty

Johnnie & Marjorie Foreman

Richard W. Frisch

Scott Fritze

Dr. & Mrs. Earl P. Galleher

Thomas O. Gamper

Matt Gerken & Abby Bowers Gerken

A.C. & Kathryn George

Eliza Graham

Nancy Whitman Greene

Jim Halle

Michael & Maria Hardy

Roger & Emma Hoff

Sam & Genya Hopkins

Walter & Stephen Howard

Idy & Jennie Iglehart

Robert & Harper Johnston

Eli & Christina Kemmerer

Sara Burch Khairallah

Phyllis Leung Kim

Peter Kimmel

Charlie & Megan Larsen

Ben & Kyle Legg

William Legg

Lynne Lindsey

Carissa & Joseph Looney

Lucky Heart Fund

Julie Lynn

Peter & Elisabeth Lyon

Amy Macht & George Gross

Ganesha Martin

Thomas & Anne McCracken

Hugh D. and Amy H. McGuirk Fund

Randolph Metcalfe & Kathleen Chagnon

Lori Mostofsky

Tim & Kathleen Naughton

Philip Moyer

Cassandra Naylor

Ginger Naylor

Douglas & Frances Nelson

John & Sophie Nelson

Bruce & Lisa Nichols

Chris Nickerson

Matthew Novak

Niall O'Malley

Dustin Page

Parks and People, Inc.

Susan & Hugh Phelps

Toby & Lisa Pitts

Arnelle Quashie

Elizabeth & Keith Rice

Justin & Vanessa Redd

Stephen & Kyoko Redd

Christopher & Natasha Rhodes

Susie & Bill Rienhoff

Mike & Maggie Rodgers

Patrick & Blythe Ross

Kanwal Sandhu

Graham & Noelle Savage

Dr. Shanaysha Sauls

Frederick & Mary Catherine Savage

Allie Schaff

Tamara Sciullo

Natalie Sherman

Sean Simpson

Jim & Rosie Smith

Henry & Elizabeth Smyth

Parker Sutton

Jamie Snead & Steve Ziger

William & Caroline Stewart

Amy Stump

Petey Tischer & James Murray

Mark Treon

Scott & Lindsay Vane

Heather Van Ness

Mark Vesely

Susan Wilkinson

Edward Woods IV

Corinna Taylor Won

Jason Wright

Trent & Margaret Zivkovich

James Zug