Insight: Team Building for Youth

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Students spend the day actively engaged in hands-on learning that promotes key social emotional skills that build for a lifetime.   

Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound offers one-day programs hosted at our campus in Baltimore’s Leakin Park, in local DC parks, or at your facility. Participants spend the day engaged in community building, dynamic problem-solving challenges, as well as an option for high ropes challenges at our Baltimore campus

As students tackle their fears, think outside the box, and support each other to complete a task, they build confidence, trust, and develop important skills that they bring back to their schools and communities.  

Outward Bound staff are trained educators that use modern educational practices and create a safe and engaging learning environment to hit target SEL outcomes such as communication skills, self-awareness, perseverance, and self-regulation.  Learn more about our Domains of Thriving here. 

Students will spend the day with an Outward Bound Facilitator participating in a series of group activities intentionally designed to meet pre-identified learning goals and develop SEL skills in your students. 

Looking for Professional Development for your Educators?

Check out our specific program focused on the Experiential Education cycle and Character/Social Emotional skill building. Click here for details.