Appalachian Backpacking & Rock Climbing

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Within your first steps onto the ‘AT’ (Appalachian Trail), you’ll forget how close you actually are to Baltimore. This historic national trail runs continuous from Georgia to Maine, and has created countless memories for our students over the years. The footpath will challenge crews with moderate backpacking terrain and multiple sites for rock climbing in the Michaux State Forest in Southern PA.

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1.01.70 - 1.01.70
1.01.70 - 1.01.70



While exploring one of the world’s most famous footpaths you can expect to practice basic backcountry skills including on and off-trail navigation, weather forecasting and preparation, campfire cooking and tarp setup.


At the midpoint of your expedition you will spend most of a day rock climbing and rappelling. In addition to your time on the cliff-face you will learn the basics of anchor-building and safety management.


Rob joined us for a five-day Backpacking & Rock Climbing course just like this one and found that he had a lot of fun alongside the challenges of being on an expedition. He lets you in on a secret - even though it's hard, it can still be incredible fun making new friends, learning new skills and seeing incredible places. Check out some footage of him climbing at Shaffer Rocks along the AT, one of our many different climbing sites available on these expeditions. 



America’s Favorite trail, is a footpath that runs from Georgia to Maine, and is the crowned jewel of trails in the United States. Students will backpack for five days in the wilderness of western Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. The Appalachian Trail in Maryland follows a 41-mile route along the backbone of South Mountain, a north-south ridge that extends from Pennsylvania to the Potomac River. The AT varies in elevation across the state from 230’ to 1860’ and extends to the north into Southern Pennsylvania’s Michaux State Forest where Outward Bound students in this area will rock climb at one of three sites: Annapolis Rocks, Shaffer Rocks or Pole Steeple in the nearby Pine Grove Furnace State Park.