The Thriving Classroom: Building SEL in your Classroom

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This 3-part series guides participants through the foundations of social emotional learning. The series begins with why SEL is important and builds towards using in-class tools such as games to grow SEL skills and incorporating SEL-building practices into classroom routines.


Included Sessions

This session introduces participants to foundational content for their journey through several sessions.

This session prepares teachers to promote student engagement and teach social-emotional development skills using games and activities.  Expert Outward Bound facilitators will model activities participants can use in their educational environments and share tips and techniques for designing and facilitating effective learning experiences.  

At Outward Bound, social-emotional skills are taught explicitly, and they are also woven into the fabric of the program.  As students go about daily tasks, travel, play, and explore, our instructors implement practices that support their social and emotional growth.  This session defines eight key practices and gives educators a path to supporting social-emotional skill development in their own classroom.