US Naval Academy & Veterans Backpacking & Rock Climbing

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An Outward Bound Expedition is a powerful combination of individual and team challenges, set in the difficult and unpredictable environment of the outdoors. The mix of physical, mental and emotional tests creates an opportunity for lasting change, character development and personal growth. In-service military and Veterans will walk away with new perspectives, mentor relationships and strengthened desire to lead.

Upcoming Dates

3.11.24 - 3.15.24
18+, 30+



This five-day Midshipmen & Veterans course is expedition-style, featuring a 50 mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail. On day one of your expedition you will meet your crew and pack up at our base before hitting the trail. You and your crew will carry all necessary food and equipment for unplugged, outdoor living until your return on day five. This means no cell phones, no television, and no electronics. You should come ready to commit all of your time and energy to your expedition, your crew, and your Outward Bound experience.

Take a look at our Report Card for last year's course to read more about the outcomes we deliver.

While exploring one of the world’s most famous footpaths you can expect to practice basic backcountry skills including on and off-trail navigation, weather forecasting and preparation, campfire cooking and tarp setup. At the midpoint of your expedition you will spend most of a day rock climbing and rappelling. In addition to your time on the cliff-face you will learn the basics of anchor-building and safety management.

  • Create dynamic opportunities for mentorship between in-service and veteran military
  • Enhance leadership skills among peers with varying degrees of experience and tenure
  • Foster respect and appreciation for various perspectives
  • Exercise team and personal character and leadership skills