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NOTE: CBOBS will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and will adjust policies and procedures as the situation evolves. Students applying for summer programs will be advised of updated travel information, testing requirements, and physical distancing and hygiene practices as we move closer to next summer. Please review our standard information below with the knowledge that there may be some updates/changes throughout the year. For current “Health and Safety Standards for Outward Bound Expeditions,” click here.


To participate in Outward Bound, each applicant must submit all requested medical information and a PARTICIPANT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISKS and LIABILITY RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT that's specific to your course. If applicable, you may also be interviewed by a Student Services Representative.

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Based on your medical form responses, some students may require follow up forms to be completed by a parent and/or Primary Care Physician. A comprehensive list of these forms can be found here for your reference.

The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience (PEAR)

Outward Bound is partnering with The PEAR Institute (Partnerships in Education and Resilience) on a research project to promote our students’ positive social-emotional development. As part of this effort, Outward Bound staff may invite your child to complete a brief survey that is given to students on Outward Bound courses. The survey includes PEAR’s Holistic Student Assessment (HSA) plus several additional questions about students’ social-emotional development and experience while on the course. Your child’s responses will be kept confidential, results will be reported as a group, and his/her name will never be used in any reports related to this research. Data from this survey will be used for research and educational work and only designated Outward Bound staff and Outward Bound’s research partners will have access to the results. YOU ONLY NEED TO RETURN THIS FORM IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD TO COMPLETE THIS SURVEY.