We're committed to making our programs as financially accessible as possible for our educational partners. What is an educational partner? Our programs provide services above and beyond your typical vendor-customer relationship. When you work with us you get an entire team of professionals that care about your students far beyond the one to five days you might spend with us on a course. Our Character Curriculum helps to bring our lessons into your classroom before and after an expedition, our admissions and sales staff come to your school to interact with students and families, our marketing team helps you leverage the experience into positive impact for your community, and we provide tools to showcase the impact through data to your leadership.

The application below will help us determine your need, motivations, and fit for our programs. Not all applications for funding are approved and our available funds for these opportunities is limited. Funding is only available for our five-day wilderness expedition programs. Our team will review completed applications in the order that we receive them. Should have any questions about how to apply, or what to do next, please contact our Scholarship Coordinator.

Before you begin, you may want to review the Pricing Calculator to see how much your desired program will cost for your school or organization.