We are happy to have you join us for a day of learning and collaboration with Outward Bound!

After a day with us, our goal is for every educator to walk away with practical skills they can apply to their classroom environment that boosts student engagement and learning.

Our expert facilitators have used experiential learning to help thousands of students engage deeply in interpersonal collaboration, learning through challenge, and personal reflection, and we are thrilled to bring some of those tools to our educator community.


DRESS CODE: Comfortable clothes and sensible shoes. We'll be moving around and might go outside, so dress for the weather.

PEN / PAPER: Something to take notes.

SNACKS / BEVERAGE: We don't provide food, so bring what you need to stay happy!

LUNCH? Ask your group's organizer if you should pack a lunch or if they'll be ordering something.

Our current offerings include 10 sessions that can be delivered alone or in progressions of 6, 3, or 2 sessions We deliver sessions via Zoom, on-site at your school, or at Outward Bound's beautiful Baltimore campus. Each session runs 3 hours and are best fits for groups of Middle and High School Educators. Our PD sessions are engaging, hands-on, and discussion heavy. Come prepared to participate and collaborate with your colleagues. Our sessions follow a basic flow as outlined below: INVITATION: Participants are invited into the topic through a discussion, activity, or multi-media. EXPLORATION: Participants explore previous knowledge and test their understating of the topic. CONCEPT INVENTION: Participants are introduced to new ideas or perspectives via lecture, discussion, readings, and more. APPLICATION: Participants apply session content to a situation they routinely encounter in the classroom. REFLECTION: Participants look back on their learning journey and make a plan for moving ahead.

This professional development series is built specifically for educators and facilitated by Outward Bound instructors.

We offer 10 sessions covering topics such as Facilitating Belonging, The Science of Structure, Social-Emotional Practices for the Classroom, Questioning Strategies, and Responding to Dysregulated Students. Check with your group's organizer to find out which sessions were booked!


Classic Catering http://www.classiccatering.com/classic-go-menus/
Atwater’s https://www.atwatersfood.com/catering
Jay’s Deli http://www.jaysdeli.com/menu/
Peace of Pizza https://www.peaceapizzacatonsville.com/

If you are having your lunch delivered to our Baltimore Leakin Park location, please instruct your selected vendor to deliver to the below address at 11:30 am.

Baltimore Outward Bound Office
Leakin Park
1900 Eagle Drive
Baltimore, MD 21207


We're still discovering our favorite places to order from! Stay tuned! 


It’s best for one person from your organization to be designated as the point person. That person should plan on accepting the delivery at the office.


We offer three main locations for our programs so be sure to know where you’re headed! We occasionally offer programming at your facility.

Most of our Baltimore and Maryland clients will visit our main campus in Baltimore's Leakin Park.

Our DC-based programs may occur at one of the two parks listed below.

Leakin Park

1900 Eagle Drive.
Baltimore, MD 21207

Palisades Recreation Center

5200 Sherier Pl NW
Washington, DC 20016

Marvin Gaye Recreation Center

15 61st St NE
Washington, DC 20019

Your Location

We occasionally offer programming at local organizations.

Domains of Thriving

We center all of our learning around our Domains of Thriving educational framework. We believe that these skills help contribute to a thriving classroom and a more compassionate and resilient world.


Our instructors are not camp counselors – they are highly trained experiential educators. Our staff complete a minimum of 80 hours of training annually. All of our staff are required to pass Federal and State background checks. Becoming an Instructor requires the demonstration of excellent decision-making, student-management, and hands-on learning skills.

Outside Magazine even named us one of the best places to work!