Thanks for completing the online medical form and the PARTICIPANT LIABILITY RELEASE. If you had any issues completing the PARTICIPANT LIABILITY RELEASE, you may download a copy of the form here.

(Gracias por completar el formulario médico y la EXENCIÓN DE RESPONSABILIDAD DEL PARTICIPANTE. Si tuvo algún problema para completar la EXENCIÓN DE RESPONSABILIDAD DEL PARTICIPANTE, puede descargar una copia del formulario aquí.)

After we receive your paperwork, our Admissions Team may reach out to you or send follow-up forms regarding the information you submitted. Please return any additional forms as soon as possible in order to complete medical acceptance for the expedition. A list of our supplemental forms is below.

One last thing! In order to best serve you, we’ll be sending you a series of emails about your course in the following weeks. These emails will include course start and end dates, course overview and details, packing lists, frequently asked questions, updates, and other pertinent information. Please double check that the email address is on your approved sender's list in order to receive this information in a timely fashion.

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