YOUR GOAL: Reflect on the week.

Grab a notebook or journal, and a pen, and find a place where you can comfortably sit for a while by yourself (preferably outside).

  • Set a timer on your phone or watch. You decide how long.
  • Try to free yourself from any distractions, and write about your experiences to reflect on the week. Some questions to get you started:
    • Which activity was the most fun? Which was the most challenging?
    • Was there anything unexpected that I learned?
    • How would I describe this week to a friend?

Wrap-up your reflections with the “Rock-Stick-Leaf” challenge. Just like the name says, take a few minutes to find a rock, stick, and a leaf in the environment around you. Then, use these objects to think about:

  1. What activities or challenges you rocked this week
  2. A new skill or way of thinking you want to stick with when
  3. you go back to school
  4. Something you want to leaf (ok, leave) behind

Start a dialogue by sharing your own experiences from the week, and asking your OB Explorer to share some of theirs, as well (but only if they want). Bring other friends who participated in Outward Break into the conversation, too!

If you’re up for it, ask a parent to share your “Rock-Stick-Leaf” challenge on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #outwardbreak

What was an “aha!” moment that you had during your solo reflection time? Did any unexpected thoughts or feelings come up?