Outward Bound Professional (OBP) offers custom single or multi-day leadership development programs that are designed to unify teams and enhance organizational efficacy. By stepping outside of ordinary physical and social learning environments, teams of uniquely skilled individuals are invited to stretch their comfort zones. Your Outward Bound Professional facilitation staff will help you and your team uncover hidden strengths and together you will find that you can rely on one another to overcome adversity and achieve more.

Outward Bound Professional’s intentional and reflective instructional style fosters leadership, communication, trust, collaboration and transparency among teams and work groups. Against the backdrop of today’s dizzying to-do lists and email inboxes, meaningful and lasting learning is ever a priority. Outward Bound Professional has more than 50 years of experience supporting executive teams, military teams, leadership cohorts, colleges, universities, and beyond in reaching their goals and achieving more than they knew they were capable of.


Here are a few ways in which Outward Bound Professionals’ highly skilled and experienced Facilitators can support and serve your organization:

  • As an innovative and inspiring enhancement to your professional development/training program
  • As a tone-setting event or culminating event to a corporate meeting schedule
  • As a collaborative model for executive coaching
  • As an experiential analysis of your team’s Strengths and Opportunities for development
  • As an immersive onboarding process for new employees at any level of your business
  • As an intervention if your team is experiencing a unique period of challenge due to:
    • sudden growth
    • reorganization
    • acquisition or merger
    • dysfunctional silos of responsibility
    • team realignments or adjustments
    • unhealthy work culture


Information Gathering Period

The most important factor to an effective Outward Bound Professional Program, and use of your precious resources, is our staff’s understanding of the landscape of your organization and your team. Thus, providing clear goals and objectives for your program.

The best place to start this process is by scheduling an information gathering phone call between your organization’s key stakeholders and our Outward Bound Professional Sales Representative. During that time, we will share information with one another in order to gain the understanding of your team’s particular needs, the potential scope of work and the most appropriate logistical plan.

Since OBP Programs are fully customized, we must gain this information before providing the cost structure.

Program Agreement Negotiation

Based on the information gathered and shared during the introductory phone call, your custom program proposal will be prepared and sent to you for review. Factors we will consider will be:

  • Your budget
  • Desired duration of program
  • Desired location of program
  • Desired date(s) of program
  • Number of participants
  • Selection of the Outward Bound staff who will best meet your needs
  • Depth of Pre-Program Planning Period
  • Desire for Post-Program follow-on
  • Program Planning Period

Your program’s planning period may include the use of diagnostic tools such as:

  • One-on-one interview between OBP Program Manager and identified Key Stakeholders
  • Customized surveys we deliver to your team to gain unbiased information
  • Meyers-Briggs™, DiSC™ or various other mental models

Based on the pre-program planning period, the Program Manager and the team of Facilitators plan your program delivery progression.

Program Delivery Period

When the day(s) arrives for your OBP program to take place, you and your team will arrive prepared to encounter an unknown combination of fun and challenging learning opportunities. You will meet your Program Manager and team of facilitators and begin to see the days or weeks of planning unfold for you in the customized progression of activities. Each activity is framed, delivered and reflected upon in order to draw specific correlations between it and your goals. There in making the learning specific, pertinent and transferable.

An inherent factor to the success of any Outward Bound program is challenge; challenging yourself and those around you to achieve more than you think you can, achieving more as individuals and as a team. Yet, we hold true to the importance of: “Challenge by Choice”. Participants are invited to fully participate in all activities of the program and are honored for identifying their limit and wisdom to know when they have reached their edge.

One-day programs are generally held from 9:00am-4:00pm. Multi-day program are generally begun at 8:00am on day one and end at 5:00pm on final day.

Program Follow-Up Period

Dependent on your organization’s goals and objectives, during the Program Agreement negotiation, we may recommend Program follow-up work. The object to this layer of Program delivery is to provide measurable data as to the efficacy of the OBP Program and learnings you derived and implemented after completion of the day(s).

Follow-up work which may be recommended:

  • Progressively scheduled one-on-one interview between OBP Program Manager and identified Key Stakeholders
  • Progressively scheduled customized surveys we deliver to your team to gain unbiased information
  • Executive Coaching (please ask for details)


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