Creating a unified lesson flow:

Of course there are a myriad ways to craft a cohesive and progressive lesson map. Begin by identifying what your goals are. Where do you see your students growing, or needing growth? What skills could help them work as a cohesive team or work through challenge? Begin by doing a lesson that introduces a theme such as communication or challenge. Next, pick a lesson that teaches a useful tool, such as body language or self-regulation. Finally, pick a group challenge. Group Challenges are designed for students to practice those skills in the context of a new activity.

Introduce the Theme --> Learn a Tool --> Practice the Skill

We've created several lesson maps for you to take right off the shelf.



Use this Classic 3-Lesson Introduction Session if you're short on time and want to cover a lot of ground! Students will explore three big topics of leadership, challenge, and communication before they head out and put these ideas into practice on their Outward Bound program.

Use this 5 Lesson Leadership Session session if you're hoping to boost leadership awareness and capacity in your students.
Students will reflect on their own leadership style and values, hear peer's perspective, practice skills with hands-on activities, and look to historic leaders for characteristics that helped them through tough situations.

ThisĀ Activity Forward Session is higher engagement. Students are up moving and trying. The Activity Forward Session could be great for middle school classes, bigger spaces, after-school clubs, and students who like to move.

Use this Post-Program Reflection Session once your students have returned from their expedition to help guide them through making connections from skills and perspectives learned on their program back to their classrooms, homes, and communities.