Thanks for completing the online medical form – we almost have everything we need to get your child out on course. The last form you’ll need is the Liability Waiver, which requires a physical signature. If you haven’t received it yet, you can download it here. Return the signed and completed form to your school’s coordinator for this program.

After we receive your paperwork, our Admissions Team may reach out to you or send follow-up forms regarding the information you submitted. Please return any additional forms as soon as possible so your child can be medically accepted for their expedition.

One last thing! We want to provide the best possible experience for your group, so we’ll be sending you emails with information about the course to help you and your child get prepared. Make sure to confirm your email address with us by clicking on the email we just sent you. Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe at any time – before, during, or after the course.

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Supplemental Forms Inventory
ADHD Questionnaire
Anxiety Questionnaire
Asthma Questionnaire
Autism Spectrum Questionnaire
Bed Wetting Questionnaire
Counseling Questionnaire [Provider]
Counseling Questionnaire [Participant]
Dietary & Food Sensitivity Questionnaire
Eating Disorder Questionnaire
Medication Questionnaire
Orthopedic Questionnaire
Orthopedic Specialist Form
Physician’s Exam
Seizure Questionnaire [Provider]
Seizure Questionnaire [Participant]
Substance Use Questionnaires