YOUR GOAL: Prepare a meal (preferably outside) following a simple recipe

Get your campsite cookout on! Pick from one of the two recipes below, gather all your ingredients and supplies, and get ready to make a meal outdoors.

  • Try to do as much of the cooking outside as you can. If you don’t have access to a fire or campstove, though, it’s 100% OK! You can still prep your ingredients outside, and just bring them back in for the cooking part.
  • Once your lunch is ready, get creative with setting up your outside eating spot. What can you use from the environment around you to sit on? Do you want to be in the shade, or under the sun?
  • Dig in! Gather ‘round with your parents or friends to enjoy your camp-cooked meal together.



  • Bagels
  • Cheese of choice (shredded or block)
  • Canned tomato paste or pizza sauce
  • Toppings! Get creative & try something new. Pepperoni, broccoli, pineapple?!

This meal is the ultimate trail lunch. While it can be eaten cold if your on the go on trail, its even more delicious if you cook it over a fire or a stove to get the cheese melted. Once you figure out all of your ingredients, prepare and cut them. The cheese can be cut into thin slices or shredded. Be careful if you plan to use a knife to cut any of the ingredients up. Once you have all the ingredients prepped, assemble them onto a sliced bagel half.

To cook them, add a little butter, oil, or cooking spray to your pan and heat it up first. Keep the flame on medium-low (or the edge of a campfire) to prevent the bagels from burning. Once warmed, add your assembled pizza bagels to the pan. Watch the bagels as they heat up. The cheese should begin to melt. If the bagel is burning, you can lower the heat more. Adding a lid to the pan can help keep the heat in and melt the cheese even more. After about 6-8 minutes remove your pizza bagel from the pan with a spatula. Time to enjoy! Just make sure to let it cool first.

Recipe 2: PITA MELTS


  • Pita pockets (any other type of bread can still work here)
  • Protein pack of your choice- tuna, chickens, salmon
  • Mayonnaise
  • Celery, carrot, or baby spinach- for some crunch
  • Cheese
  • Spice kit! (a crucial part of the Outward Bound kitchen)
    • some spice options- salt, pepper, garlic, curry, creole seasoning, Old Bay!

Having flexibility is key on an expedition and helps each meal to be unique. Using pita pockets is a fun way to keep everything contained while eating outside. This meal is delicious cold, but  is really fun to heat up and eat.

Chop any veggies your are using into small pieces and put to the side. If using spinach, you can leave whole. Cut thin slices of cheese. Next add some mayo and spices of your choice into your protein pack and mix together. (Add right into the package for easy clean up.) Once you have all your ingredients prepped, you're ready to assemble! Take the pita pocket and cut off the end of it to open. Fill the pocket with your protien mix, your veggies, and cheese. You could eat it here OR warm it to make it a real pita melt.

To make a melt, add a little butter, oil, or cooking spray to your pan and heat it up first. Keep the flame on medium-low (or the edge of a campfire) to prevent  burning. Once warmed, add your assembled pita to the pan. Allow it to cook for 6-8 minutes to melt the ingredients inside. Remove the pita with a spatula and let cool before you dig in!

Vegetarian option: Instead of using a tuna or chicken pack, use some chickpeas to make a faux chicken salad! In a bowl, mash the chickpeas (add avocado if you like). Add in some mayo and spices like salt, pepper, curry or celery salt.

While eating lunch on OB Expeditions, crews will often share Go- Around-Questions (GAQ) with each other. Here are few to get you going:

  • If you could have only one condiment the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • Would you rather travel to space or to the bottom of the ocean?

Can you make-up your own recipe for a meal you’d like to eat on an Outward Bound Expedition? What are the ingredients? What’s the process? Write it down or draw it out, and ask a parent to share it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #outwardbreak.

What’s something new you tried today? How’d you feel while you were doing it? How’d you feel after you accomplished it?