YOUR GOAL: Build a piece of art using only things you find outside.

Grab a notebook, and find a greenspace where you can sit, observe, and wander for a while. It could be a park, or your own backyard!

  • Once you’ve settled in, explore your space and find as many items on the Scavenger Hunt list below as you can. Start with the Observation Round first, but remember, try not to disturb any animals or plants in their natural habitats!
  • Document your findings by taking a photo—or trying to draw them!
  • Next, start looking for the objects in the Collection Round. Here’s where it’s OK to pick them up, and find a safe spot to keep them for your art piece.


  • … Something that flies
  • … A plant that is not green
  • … Something that smells good
  • … An animal with 4 legs
  • … A flower
  • … A bird that you can hear
  • … A tree bark that looks like
  • camouflage
  • … A natural object that is soft


  • …A natural object that describes how you feel today
  • …3 unique stones
  • …Something natural that makes you think of growth …4 sticks
  • …A leaf
  • …A seed/ acorn/ pod

Partner with your OB Explorer to build something out of the collected items that tells a story about your family, your space, or your experience of today’s activity. When you’re done, snap a photo to document your work, then carefully take it apart and recycle what you can.

Learn about the 7 principles of Leave No Trace (LNT) and try your hand at #3 by properly disposing of any waste you can find around your neighborhood.

Share a photo of your art piece on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #outwardbreak

How did it feel to just sit and observe nature today? What’s something new you discovered that you’d never seen before?

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