Insight: Team Building for Youth

Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound offers one-day programs hosted at our campus in Baltimore’s Leakin Park, in local DC parks, or at your facility. Participants spend the day engaged in community building, dynamic problem-solving challenges, as well as an option for high ropes challenges at our Baltimore campus.  As students tackle their fears, think outside the box, and support each other to complete a task, they build confidence, trust, and develop important skills that they bring back to their schools and communities.  … READ MORE >

For Professionals: Collaboration

Use Cases: Forming work groups Inter-departmental work Disrupting siloed work cultures Integrating new managers Outcomes: Experience first-hand success and failure based on team process Use group models to reflect and redirect group process and efficiency Success with varied conflict management models. Expanded emotional and self-awareness skills. Cross-functional community built through shared challenge and accomplishment. Strengthened… READ MORE >

For Professionals: Communication

Use Cases: Remote teams working together Highly interdependent office cultures New employee cohorts Outcomes: Evolved understanding colleagues’ individual communication styles. Techniques for giving and receiving feedback. Exposure to new communication approaches. Improved communication skills through various approaches. Cross-functional community built through shared challenge and accomplishment. Strengthened relationships based on earned trust and enhanced empathy. LEAKIN… READ MORE >

For Professionals: Problem-Solving

Use Cases: Teams responsible for planning and execution of workflow. Building creative problem solving for client work. Teams seeking to improve design thinking and decision-making resilience. Outcomes: Group success with varied problem-solving methods and models. Enhanced problem-solving skills personally and organizationally. Deeper understanding of teammate’s individual strengths for use in addressing future challenges. Identify and… READ MORE >

Insight: Team Building for Organizations

We offer one day courses at Outward Bound’s campus in Baltimore’s Leakin Park or at your facility. Participants spend the day engaged in ground-based problem solving initiatives as well as high-ropes challenges. As they tackle their fears, they build confidence and develop a sense of trust and teamwork. Teams from schools to non-profits come together and work to… READ MORE >