About Cornerstone’s Student Speaker, Jordan Rose

We at Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School are thrilled to have one of our alumni join us as our Student Speaker for our upcoming Cornerstone event.


We selected Jordan to speak at our event due to his personal commitment and dedication to the Outward Bound mission. After participating in one of our high school expeditions in November 2017, Jordan shared with us incredibly self-aware reflections that indicated a growth of confidence, hope, and passion that have ignited him to become an Outward Bound advocate.

Jordan has also just been accepted into our Youth Leadership Corps (YLC), one of our highly selective scholarship programs. Being selected for YLC involves a rigorous application process to build a crew of young people who will encourage, support, and challenge each other to grow into leaders for the next generation.

We got the chance to chat with Jordan before our event to get to know about his Outward Bound experience, his scholarship acceptance, and his role at the event.

What do you hope people take away from your words at Cornerstone?

Just how life-altering [an Outward Bound expedition] can be if you let it. I want people to know that this organization focuses on kids being able to jump out of technology and into being personable with one another, and also with nature.

What part of Cornerstone are you most excited about?

I’m really excited to get to know a lot of the people that are coming. I like to have conversations; I’m a very talkative person so I think I’m most excited about being able to talk to other people, especially telling them, beyond my speech, about how Outward Bound is truly an experience that you won’t be able to forget.

How do you feel about being accepted for the YLC expedition this summer?

I’m really excited. I am ecstatic because this is a tough 12 day trip when the other one was only 4. I guess it’ll be a lot better because it’s a lot longer.

I think it’s going to be very personal. Last time I got to connect to other people and go through those hardships that may come up with other people; it’s going to be really fun.

What do you think will be most challenging about your YLC course?

Besides the 12 days of no showers? [laughs] It’s probably going to take a lot of energy that I’m probably not used to using, so that’ll most likely be the hard part for me.



Join Jordan and CBOBS at our Cornerstone Award Dinner on May 5th! Funds from the Cornerstone Awards Dinner will support our organization’s ability to grow and bring the best possible experience to each student that arrives at our campus.