Making the News: Our Executive Director speaks on the value we provide to the local community

Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School E.D Kristen Komlosy spoke with Comcast Newsmakers anchor Elena Russo on the impact of the work CBOBS has been doing, and continues to do, in the Baltimore and DC areas.

“We’re committed to providing access to the outdoors for our young people and we want to make sure that we are lifting up our young people to be the most resilient individuals they can be.”

Kristen Komlosy, CBOBS Executive Director

For over 30 years, CBOBS has been serving an average of 6,000 students per year. These students aren’t just receiving an education, they’re receiving an education that other public and private schools often don’t have an opportunity to focus on. We use a proven social emotional learning based curriculum to enhance the education provided by traditional schools. We work directly with educators to determine how best to integrate Outward Bound lessons into our students traditional learning objectives.

In addition to providing irreplicable quality education, we are committed to providing access to the outdoors in all regions we operate in, and proudly serve 1,700 students per year in the national capital region.

Adult-oriented programming allows our corporate partners to benefit from CBOBS as well. These programs foster collaboration, stronger communication, and teamwork, utilizing an educational model that focuses on key areas.

Lastly, our donor community plays a massive role in making CBOBS accessible to everyone. 100% of our courses are at least partially subsided – this means that no student has to pay out of pocket for the thousands of dollars of equipment that each participant needs to safely and successfully complete their learning expedition.