Nature Abides: Experiencing the Outdoors in a COVID-19 World

With the spread of coronavirus around the world, many people are experiencing a new version of “stir-craziness” like never before. Kids are home and bored, the dog is whining for attention, and you’ve been sitting at your makeshift office (the kitchen table) in front of a computer screen all day. As we continue to build… READ MORE >

Raise the Future: Brown Advisory Celebrates 20 Years

“As we think about organizations we want to partner with, who share our values of integrity, excellence and inclusiveness, Outward Bound is at the top of that list.” – DANA COOKSEY, CHIEF PURPOSE OFFICER It can be hard to find win-win solutions in life. Luckily, that’s exactly the business of both CBOBS and Brown Advisory…. READ MORE >

How can I help my child talk about their expedition?

Questions like “how was it?” often lead to answers such as: “fine,” “cold,” or “I will NEVER do anything like that again!” We hope that a few of the following questions can help guide a conversation with your child about their Outward Bound expedition.

Kinder, Stronger, Better: Challenge through Exposure

When you’re out on course, it’s not like you can just go home at night and throw your clothes in the dryer or grab a clean set. In the backcountry you’ve got what you got and you have to make it work. I think that’s what makes some people fall in love with spending time outside: When convenience is removed, you have to get inventive and resilient.

10 Presidents Dedicated to the Outdoors and the Environment

Happy President’s Day! We’re honoring our past presidents by highlighting ten who acted on our shared passion for nature, conservation and the outdoors, and have made landmark (pun intended) progress toward environmental care, awareness and appreciation. Upper Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park, California. We all think of Lincoln as an outdoorsy guy anyway, having… READ MORE >

Cookies and Connection: Falling in Love at Outward Bound

Outward Bound is known for providing transformative experiences that can be life-changing—especially when they bring together those who share the same interests, values, and passions. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, read Chris’ account below of how he met his wife, Liana, and how Outward Bound—and cookies—brought them together.