Starting the Spring Season Strong with Two New Board Members

New members Francis Brown and Jamey Hein join the Board of Trustees!

Our team is incredibly excited to welcome two new members to our board! We invited them to share a few details about who they are and gave them the opportunity to answer a few questions about their shared passion for the Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School (CBOBS). Up first, let’s learn a little bit about Francis!

Francis Brown, J.D.
Partner and Strategic Advisor at Brown Advisory

It’s an honor to contribute to such a meaningful and transformative organization

Francis Brown

Francis is a partner and strategic advisor at Brown Advisory. He has extensive experience working with business owners and families on complex financial planning needs. Consistently focused on providing a deeper level of service for his clients, he has dedicated his practice to nontraditional planning areas including tax mitigation, philanthropy, and personal development.

Francis first experienced the thrill of an Outward Bound challenge course belay climbing with graduate business students in Colorado. Before Brown Advisory, he lived in Denver and worked with a national bank as a Director of Family Wealth Consulting and a boutique estate planning law firm, focusing on families and business owners across the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest regions. He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife Megan.

“A lifelong passion for learning fuels my dedication to supporting CBOBS”

Jamey Hein

Jamey has spent over two decades supporting and advancing K-12 not-for-profit education! In that time, he has worked in a variety of roles across the country including English teacher and Head of School. He has spent the past nine years leading transformative growth at St. Martin’s-in-the-Field Episcopal School and The Calverton School, in Severna Park and Huntington, respectively.

In both roles, Jamey focuses on a range of programmatic growth and refined operations. His methods have paid off: in the past decade he has raised over $8 million for philanthropic causes!

Jamey Hein
Educational Consultant and Former Head of School

Additionally, Jamey has utilized DEIB initiatives to build up school’s capacities for inclusion, belonging, and access for students of all backgrounds. Jamey is currently serving as a leadership mentor with Severn Leadership Group, a national cohort aimed at preparing next-generation leaders through EQ skillbuilding.

This isn’t his first time serving on a board, either. He was board president for the Mid-Atlantic Episcopal School Association and is also currently serving as a fundraising advisor for the Barnesville School of Arts and Sciences Board of Trustees.

Like many of us here at CBOBS, Jamey’s background encompasses a passion for outdoor, experiential education. In his own words: “I have a deep appreciation for the transformative confidence and character-building that youth-serving programs such as CBOBS can impart to participants. I am inspired to help CBOBS and its leadership strategize on ways to expand its reach.”

Jamey is married to Megan Molloy and lives in Severna Park with their two children and two dogs. Together, they enjoy taking full advantage of time outside – boating on the Bay, hiking local trails, or escaping to the surrounding mountain regions.

What Inspired you to join the CBOBS Board of Trustees?

Jamey: “A lifelong passion for experiential learning fuels my dedication to supporting CBOBS. My journey here was first ignited during my time at a boys’ camp in the Berkshire Mountains built on a tradition of instilling character, confidence, courage, leadership, and service. Later, leading international programs for teens, a passion grew for adventure and educational travel. I attribute lessons gained in these settings to my overall commitment to ensuring all kids, regardless of background, have opportunities to grow their potential through authentic and challenging experiences.”

Francis: “My time as a graduate student and participant in Outward Bound was pivotal in my choice to join CBOBS. A fervent love for the wilderness perfectly meshed with my journey of self-discovery and allowed me to become a better version of myself. Experiential learning empowered me to strengthen my confidence, sharpen my leadership skills, enhance my ability to work within a team, and muster the courage to step beyond my comfort zone’s borders. These pivotal experiences have molded my character, ignited my curiosity, and nurtured an enthusiasm for embarking on new adventures and the excitement of exploration. My commitment to the outdoors and community involvement aligns with my core values. I have made a concerted effort to integrate those lessons into my lifestyle and the guidance I provide to my children.”

What unique perspective or skills do you bring to the board?

Jamey: “My leadership in K-12 nonprofit educational advancement offers a grasp of youth development, program management, strategy and vision, organizational change, finances, philanthropy, partnerships, and marketing. My perspective from having worked inside schools and supporting the increased focus our teachers are giving to areas of social and emotional learning and character education will be helpful as CBOBS strategizes on its partnerships in the K-12 space.”

Francis: “I hope to bring a distinctive blend of interpersonal skills, critical analysis, and professional expertise to the board. Growing up in a large family as the middle child, I naturally assumed the role of a mediator, honing my ability to navigate diverse viewpoints and foster unity. This has equipped me with the finesse required to facilitate collaborative efforts and drive consensus among stakeholders with varying interests and backgrounds. Moreover, my professional experience has imbued me with a nuanced understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion, especially in areas where minorities are typically underrepresented.  I want to bring a cultural perspective that enriches board discussions, ensuring that decisions are made considering a more comprehensive array of experiences and viewpoints. This, coupled with my legal training, positions me to contribute meaningful insights that can enhance the board’s effectiveness.”

What is something that excites you about our work and mission here at CBOBS?

Jamey: “I am eager to embrace a mission that resonates with both my mind and heart. Specifically, I am excited to support strategic opportunities which can contribute to shaping young people’s sense of self and potential to do good things in our world. The strategic priorities targeting inclusivity, service, and growth in D.C. also have me energized. Above all, I am inspired to steward a mission where nurturing character is its core.”

Francis: “The blend of adventure, learning, and service that the CBOBS embodies excites me the most. It’s an honor to contribute to such a meaningful and transformative organization. The focus on character development and leadership through real-world experiences is particularly thrilling. There’s something special about how Outward-Bound combines skill-building with self-discovery, fostering not just competence in outdoor activities but also instilling life skills that participants carry with them long after leaving. Being part of an organization that empowers individuals to become stronger and more confident will be gratifying.”

We’re looking forward to the new perspectives and skillsets that both Jamey and Francis are bringing to the CBOBS board. If you have any interest in becoming a board member, click the button below to learn more about the process.