Campus Updates: Summer is in Full Swing!

School might be out everywhere else, but not here on our campus where summer programs officially began last week! We've already seen a number of different groups including an Outward Bound Professional program for Commercial Construction, a Chesapeake Bay Sea Kayaking & Environmental Leadership Expedition, and an Insight Program for the closely named Upward Bound. The 17 NEW elements on our Challenge Course have all seen some action with the various groups as well, and it's been exciting to see students return and face completely new challenges. Despite the heat, each group has remained vibrant and engaged - and hydrated! 

Food and supplies from one of the expedition programs.
Instructors preparing for an expedition by securing a set of kayaks.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Commercial Construction during their time on the Aerial Teams Course (ATC) where they combined the difficulty of the high ropes elements with an initiative called the quantum puzzle - not an easy feat to say the least.  On that same day, students from W.I.L.L. (Wildness Leadership & Learning) returned from an expedition and attended graduation while another group was leaving for a sea kayaking expedition on the Chesapeake Bay.  The graduation circle seemed like a big gathering of friends all sharing what they learned and how they felt on the expedition - a beautiful thing to behold. That is until our new alumni rush off to a well-deserved meal and a hot shower before heading home with their families. 

If these first couple weeks are any indication it's going to be a fun, action-packed summer full of memorable moments for students and staff alike. 

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Graduation of one of the sea kayaking an environmental leadership summer programs.