Updates in Response to Racial Injustice

As an organization we know that actions are louder than words. By continuing to take a look inward in order to be an organization that is fully equitable and supportive of a diverse staff and student community. We will add updates and action steps here  for both transparency and accountability.

Statement and Action Steps 6.12.20

This last week of watching our nation protest for justice has started to transition our anger over the murder of George Floyd toward actions for real change. We’ve seen members of our staff join their communities in the streets, build their own fundraisers for black-led causes, and begin serious conversations about our role in this fight as CBOBS, and as individuals. But it’s just the beginning of a long marathon ahead so what are we going to do next?
What has become clear is that we have only reacted to the movement, and our statements are only that – reactive. It’s not important what we’ve done until now because we recognize it’s not enough and there is deep work for us to do. We see a great opportunity in starting our change from within, taking leaps toward becoming an unequivocally equitable, diverse and anti-racist organization. 
Much like the structural rebuilding our society is seeking, these changes won’t happen overnight, but we are going to work every day toward meaningful progress within our organization. We invite you to challenge us (as some of you already have) so we can learn, evolve, and be a more valuable member of the movement. It’s going to take a deep well of persistence, perseverance and a pace of actionable urgency; and we are here to answer that call as an ally to our Black community. 
The action steps below will be published online for full transparency and accountability. Expect to see a Report Card that will review the progress made on the steps below over the next six months, with more action to follow. 
1. Equity Audit
Our Baltimore Equity & Inclusion Group, BEING, will conduct an internal organizational audit to discover opportunity gaps within our physical spaces, curriculum, staff training, pay structures, hiring practices, marketing and promotional material.
2. Partnerships for Service
Service is a pillar of Outward Bound. As we build service opportunities and partnerships for students and staff, we will prioritize organizations that amplify Black voices within our community. 

3. Hiring Practices 
We will put a critical eye to our recruitment and retention practices. Through our People and Culture Coordinator, there will be strategy and accountability for equitable practices that invite and support a diverse staff from field instructors, administrative staff, to members of our Board. 

4. Internal & External Trainings 
We will deepen our focus on diversity and equity trainings through BEING’s ongoing training series, annual workshops led by diversity work experts, and scholarship opportunities for continued staff development. 

5. Staff Forums
We will create new channels for all staff to discuss racial justice, diversity, equity and inclusion issues facing our organization and the communities we work in. We’ll hold space to inspire further action, and transparency to hold our organization accountable to keep moving forward. Based on our staff’s voice we may add or amend our action steps to better reflect our entire organization. 

A History of Statements

As an organization we stand in solidarity with the Black communities across our country and the world - their hopes, dreams, businesses, votes, and pain matter and we’ve waited too long to tell you where we stand.  

"We are crew, not passengers, strengthened by acts of consequential service to others." - Kurt Hahn, Founder of Outward Bound. 

There has never been a more important time to be of service to our communities. Our students, their families, the schools they attend, and the communities they live in require all of us to be more than passengers. Their lives and their futures matter too much and standing with them may be the most important work we can do right now. 

We are not the leaders of this movement for change, but we choose to walk alongside those that are; to listen, to learn, to stand in support and action. We ask that you find a way to do the same — whatever that means for you. Take time to seek learning opportunities around equity issues and privilege, invite conversations with family and friends about the injustices of systemic racism, and research local organizations that are actively working in your community create change. 

Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School will be sharing posts and conversations from leaders around Baltimore and DC across our social media pages in hopes we can amplify the true voices for change. If you’re moved to action by any of the messages or compelled to donate to a local organization, please do so and share it so others may do the same. 

Be a part of the crew that does not wait for the rest of the world to act. 

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