Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Continues Support for Police Youth Challenge

The Police Youth Challenge (PYC) is entering its 10th year here at Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School. It's taken many forms in that time, but for the last year and a half, it's been making an impact every Thursday. In that time, nearly 3,000 participants have come together to build trust and shift their perceptions of one another. Youth and Officers from the city meet and learn about each other, tackle difficult challenges, and ultimately find ways to connect for a better Baltimore.

The program continues thanks to community partners like Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan who help to fund the costs associated running the PYC. Without their help, and others like them, we wouldn't be able to make this program available at no cost to the schools and groups involved. Support like this is paramount to the change we're looking to create.

Stay up to date on the PYC through pictures and our Impact Report here.


“Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan has been a proud sponsor of the Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound’s Police Youth Challenge for the last two years.  This important and beneficial program is shifting stereotypes, building trust, and mitigating biases among participants.  Furthermore, the youth participants develop skills in conflict resolution,” stated Kevin Benson, Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan’s President & CEO.  Fostering all of these attitudes and skills promotes a healthier community by encouraging growth, leadership, responsibility, and maturity in our community’s children.

"We are grateful to Outward Bound Baltimore Chesapeake Bay School and the Police Youth Challenge not only for their efforts to build a healthier, safer community but also for the brighter future it provides for our youth."

Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan is proud to be “Your neighbor. Your guide. Your bank.”  Founded 109 years ago, Rosedale Federal has maintained a consistent commitment to our community.  We are proud of this active community involvement, supporting many organizations and programs that contribute to building healthy, safe, and vibrant local communities.