Green Street Academy Interns Reflect on their Experience

Recently our team at Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School had the pleasure of working with interns TaKyia and Andrew from Green Street Academy. These two bright students took every challenge we threw at them in stride, in true Outward Bound fashion. On their last day, we had them reflect on their internship experiences which you can read below. Thanks TaKyia and Andrew for all the help!

TaKyia Johnson

My experience as an intern at Outward Bound has been a quite pleasant time. I enjoyed working with all the different employees, as they persevered in teaching us the things that they do here on a daily basis. I enjoyed with assisting in the events that took place here. My favorite was assisting the people of the community with climbing the rock wall. They were really brave because I know my first time I barely made it to the middle, lol. But I also enjoyed assisting with work on the inside like, creating decorations, cleaning the attic, looking through old photos to create an Instagram for them, etc. The people here are awesome leaders and I believe they take pride in what they do. I would definitely recommend Outward Bound to someone who’s never been here.

Andrew Jackson

My Outward Bound Internship experience was fun and adventurous. The first thing we did to kick off the internship was the wall climbing and the whole thought of me climbing the wall was nerve wrecking; but I still persevered. Even though I had a planner I was still surprised and interested in the new task I was supposed to do. Another thing I took out of my Outward Bound Internship was meeting cool new people. So what I learned from My Outward Bound Internship experience is to never give up, believe in yourself, make a difference, working with others.

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