Meet the Interns – Class of 2016 (Fall)

In an effort to get to know our interns better, we asked them three questions:

1. Who from history would you take on an Outward Bound expedition and why?
2. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
3. Who is the headliner at your dream concert?


Nicole Ripple

Historical figure to take on OB course: I would take the historical women’s tennis player Serena Williams because I think she’d be strong enough to carry both of our packs and also carry me on her shoulders so I could have a sweet view. Rumor has it she also has great lesson plans for Situational Leadership and has something to say about Dimensions of Success. I always loved that about her.

Best advice: My grandmom once told me to always wear pants to the bank. To this day, I always do.

Band(s): At my dream concert, Hoobastank would open for Aretha Franklin.


Michael Anne Tracy (Mike)

Historical figure to take on OB course: I think I would take a poet or a philosopher on an expedition, because they would offer metaphors and deeper conversations out on the trail. It would be amazing to have Lao Tzu along for an expedition…I would call him up!

Best advice: My Aunt gave me the simple advice to “sleep on it.” when I was working through a personal problem. This advice has helped me take time to rest and respond more calmly to difficult situations.

Band(s): Right now, my answer to this question would be the Talking Heads! David Byrne would be fun to see live!


Mike Cox

Historical figure to take on OB course: I would take Theodore Roosevelt because he was one of the most important leaders in environmental appreciation and conservation in US history. His thoughts on leadership and the value of outdoors experiences would be fascinating. He also has a killer mustache.

Best advice: Follow the road less traveled by.

Band(s): Led Zeppelin.


Miranda Morton (Randy)

Historical figure to take on OB course: Rumi because he’s good with words and could perhaps explain love, loss, and spirituality to me.

Best advice: “Attitude is everything.” From a high school (but really lifelong) role model of mine.

Band(s): Adele, Mumford and Sons, Tom Petty, Langhorne Slim, and Brett Dennen. Because I can’t choose.


Sarah Van Hoey

Historical figure to take on OB course: I would take Robin Williams because humor is important on adventures and his work always brought a smile to my face.

Best advice: The cup is half empty and half full simultaneously.

Band(s): I have never dreamt of going to a concert.


Laura Carson

Historical figure to take on OB course: I would take my grandma because she would have loved it!

Best advice: 10% of life is what happens to me and the other 90% of life is how I react to it.

Band(s): Concert headliner is Taylor Swift!

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