The Rebuilding of Connections between Two Pillars of the Community (TEDxJeffersonU)

On October 4th, Khai Overton, our Police Youth Challenge (PYC) Program Coordinator, presented a Ted Talk at Thomas Jefferson University regarding our Police Youth Challenge Program. After the events surrounding Freddie Gray Jr., Khai was inspired to be involved in changing the dynamics of community-police relations within Baltimore. After joining our team and becoming a seasoned facilitator, he took the more focused role of managing the PYC. This brought him even closer to the importance of this long-standing program that brings together the Baltimore City Police Department and youth from Baltimore City Public Schools. Khai has been a part of a PYC team that has seen over 7,000 participants since January 2016 and made tremendous impact across Baltimore. Watch his talk to find out more about how the program works, and some of the key data behind the program's success.

Khai references some data points taken from our multi-year, quantitative study of the PYC — using cumulative data from January 2016 until present. All participants take a pre- and post-PYC survey that was designed as part of a three-year project with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  The 2019 Impact Report is provided below with updated metrics and includes a list of schools and youth organizations who have participated in the program. We still operate the PYC nearly every Thursday, all year, bringing together 30 youth and 30 officers to build trust and shift perspectives about each other. Visit this page on our website for more info.