Kinder, Stronger, Better: Challenge through Exposure

When you’re out on course, it’s not like you can just go home at night and throw your clothes in the dryer or grab a clean set. In the backcountry you’ve got what you got and you have to make it work. I think that’s what makes some people fall in love with spending time outside: When convenience is removed, you have to get inventive and resilient.

10 Presidents Dedicated to the Outdoors and the Environment

Happy President’s Day! We’re honoring our past presidents by highlighting ten who acted on our shared passion for nature, conservation and the outdoors, and have made landmark (pun intended) progress toward environmental care, awareness and appreciation. Upper Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park, California. We all think of Lincoln as an outdoorsy guy anyway, having… READ MORE >

Cookies and Connection: Falling in Love at Outward Bound

Outward Bound is known for providing transformative experiences that can be life-changing—especially when they bring together those who share the same interests, values, and passions. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, read Chris’ account below of how he met his wife, Liana, and how Outward Bound—and cookies—brought them together.

Wild Wisdom: How to Pack a Backpack

If you’re an alumni, we taught you a LOT on your course! Check out our Alumni Lessons to help refresh your memory of basic camp craft and teachings from your instructors. HOW TO PACK AND FIT A BACKPACK For those of you who want to go backpacking again in the future, check out these Outward Bound… READ MORE >

A Year of Achievements: 2018 in Review

THIS YEAR’S HIGHLIGHTS 2018 flew by, and stunned all of us here at CBOBS with what gems it brought in its wake. We’re grateful for the results of hard work, public support, and leadership that made 2018 a year for CBOBS to remember and replicate.

PYC and Shifting Perceptions Through Challenge

“I remember the goal was for police officers and youth to come together and figure out where the common ground is, and where everything goes wrong. We actually had a whole discussion where we talked about all the things we can change collectively as a group—as police officers and for ourselves as youth.” PYC STUDENT

Donor Spotlight: Natalie Sherman

DONOR SPOTLIGHT: NATALIE SHERMAN PARTNER, GALLAGHER, EVELIUS & JONES, LLP  |  DONOR SINCE 2010 “When you invest in Outward Bound, you’re going to see the return. The money that is spent on programs has a concrete, tangible, quantifiable impact.” The student expeditions at Outward Bound inspire my giving. They connect kids with the outdoors in… READ MORE >

Student Spotlight: Jordan Rose

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: JORDAN ROSE ALUMNUS  |  PEER LEADERSHIP, YOUTH LEADERSHIP CORPS “I want people to know that this organization focuses on kids being able to jump out of technology and into being personable with one another, and also with nature.” Jordan is a two time alumnus, joining us for his first course in November of… READ MORE >